Thursday, January 12, 2017


My kids are all asleep in their car seats right now! I had already pulled into the driveway when I noticed so I ran in to grab my book but then decided to get online instead. So. Some things I am up to today…

Drinking: juice at Natural Grocers. Fresh-pressed and Whole30-approved! My Natural Grocers offers a couple of cooking demonstrations each week and the kids and I occasionally plan our grocery trip to coincide with one. They like the snack, I like the information, and we get N-Power points for attending classes which give us an eventual discount on our groceries if we go =]
Reading: What Falls from the Sky on Kindle (a Christian nonfiction about giving up the Internet for a year… super interesting from my perspective because even though I still USE the Internet, I haven’t had it in my home for several years) and The Reckoning, the third in one of Beverly Lewis’ Amish series. Have you read/heard of either of them?
Humming: Rock on, Larryboy… a Shux (Styx) (look them up on YouTube or something. 80s hair on corn cobs, hilarious) performance at the end of Larryboyand the Bad Apple, which we rented from the library, along with Super Why!, to show that superheroes can be kind and not just all about punching people in the face.
Praying: about a small lump in one of my breasts! I have to have an ultrasound appointment to get it checked out tomorrow. One minute I basically know it’s a plugged milk duct, but the next minute I am kind of freaking out. I’m trying not to think about it, but that’s easier said than done! Would you be so kind as to pray for me tomorrow please?
Playing: Super Heroes! I am Super Mom and I actually intentionally planned a Super Hero-themed workout in my planner today. It went well. Lots of lifting heavy little people to help them “fly,” jumping over cities to save the world, etc.

Okay, I think that’s enough. Someone is bound to wake up soon and I’d still like to attempt to squeeze in a little Googling if I can help it ;]

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