Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Simple Second Birthday

Birthday parties are not really my thing. I’m socially awkward, the opposite of good at decorating cakes, horrible at decorations, anxious about time constraints… you get the picture. I know at least one of my kids will probably love birthday parties so I am prepared to make that happen when the time comes… however, Baby B is a little anti-social herself right now and after we talked about birthday options, she chose a very simple day.

Ryan and I tucked her in on Monday night and then tied a butterfly Happy Birthday balloon to the back of her chair in the kitchen. I also set a couple of presents at the table for her because who doesn’t want to wake up and enjoy a birthday gift?!

She randomly woke up before Ryan left for the day so she got a few only-child minutes to open presents with Daddy, a very rare treat! She ate breakfast, played with Baby Sister while I did a quick homeschool lesson for Big Brother, and then the birthday festivities began!

She choose a bookstore trip as her birthday activity of choice, and she opted to invite no one… which did not make me sad. We got a special treat from a coffee shop that makes gluten free and paleo bars, browsed books, colored at the bookstore, and were home in time for lunch and naps. We hung around until Daddy came home and then we each said two things we love about her while I finished making her dinner of choice (pizza). If you’re wondering, Big Brother’s favorite things about her are “Playing wif me… and spinning around in circles with me, like this,” which he then demonstrated =D

Then we prayed for her second year of life (good health, no injuries, and lots of happiness and joy!), ate pizza and cake, and opened presents before we settled in for bedtime books and sleep.

I wasn’t as emotional as I expected to be when she turned one, but I was pretty stinking emotional for her 2nd birthday! This one had kind of a rough year between health issues, a broken leg, and a million little minor injuries through play. She really fought us tooth-and-nail for a few months, but that phase was over just as quickly as it began and she spent most of this year being her sweet, sensitive, compassionate little self. She became a big sister, a role she handles amazingly well, and she insists every day on sitting through Big Brother’s homeschool lessons—which is why she likes to tell us, “A-B-C-D-G,” “One, two, free, fo, five, eight, nine, ten, lebben!” and “Socks: calcetines.”

She’s a little girl now, clearly no longer a baby! She’s talking up a storm and she’s sharing her opinions, and honestly, I’m pretty happy to get to know this precious person. I genuinely like the little person she’s becoming and I am super excited to see what adventures she takes our family on this year!

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