Thursday, February 16, 2017

Baby Journal Prompt

I write in a special journal for my babies at least once a month, starting on the day I find out I’m pregnant. I thought it’d be fun to start sharing some of my favorite writing prompts here, just in case you are interested in putting together a baby journal of your own, or are interested in new material for one you already write.
If you’re interested in doing a little writing for your own children, grab a journal or notebook (I have a nice $10-ish journal for each of my own children, but I always wish I had just opted for simple composition books so I could easily start in on another when these are full and feel like they look silly and unmatching), make yourself a mug of tea or hot chocolate, and curl up at the arm of your couch to sip and reflect.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your child in 20 years. Write down what you imagine, then ask them what they imagine and write that down too.

When you are 23, I bet you will be dating the girl you’re going to marry. Or maybe you’ll already be married. You are so sensitive and loving, I bet you’ll get married young. Daddy always predicts you’ll want to do a trade, likely construction. He hopes you won’t but he thinks you will. I bet you’ll be an EMT or fire fighter, or at least training to be one.

What do you think you’ll be doing when you are 23 years old? “Um, I’m gonna get a BIG sheriff Woody costume and I’m gonna be a big Woody.”
Do you think you’ll be married? Or no? “Yup. When I grow up, I’m gonna get married. I’m gonna be married and be a big Woody dressed up. I’ll have a big hat, a big belt, big cowboy boots, all kinds of things. And a ring. And what are you gonna be when
you grow up?”

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