Monday, February 20, 2017

Dream House

I recently read The Lifegiving Home which had me thinking about our home in all kinds of ways.
Mostly, it had me thinking about my ideals for the environment of our home. What would make everyone feel special, loved, hopeful even in their darkest hours? In what ways would God be part of our every day? How would we make him a bigger part of our holidays?

It also got me thinking about the physical home I dream of, the walls that would (seemingly, at least) make it a little easier to achieve those goals.

This might not interest very many of you, but I know a few of you said you were interested so I’ll just share it here any ways!

The home itself looks like a log cabin. It’s a ranch-style, because I h8 stairs. It’s outside town enough that we don’t have road noise and we see the stars… but it’s close enough that a weekly library trip is totally doable. We’d ideally have a couple of acres of landed backed right up to protected forest land so daily hikes are completely possible.

The living room should by far be the biggest area. This is where we’ll spend much of our time together—reading out loud together, pushing couches out of the way for dance parties, gathering all together to work on big jigsaw puzzle or to play a board game—and the couches and chairs will be set up facing each other, not a TV, to allow for more conversation.

The kitchen will be relatively small. I used to “need” a big kitchen but I feel like living in our Winnebago Brave, and then travel trailer, trained me to use a pretty small kitchen space. Now I actually find a large kitchen frustrating, just more for me to clean! I’d like a small kitchen area but a large dining area. I want a big table that holds all of us comfortably, plus a few extra seats for the friends who will inevitably be invited over for my amazing home cooking (sarcasm? I hope not?), and will also work great for board games and puzzles.

Bedrooms should be small. One small room for us, one small room for our girls, and one small room for our boy(s). We’d like one more baby so if we were to have a boy we’d split the kids’ rooms equally, or make the girl room slightly larger if our last baby were a girl.

Off the side of the living room I’d like a small homeschool nook. Sometimes I tell people we’ll “at least” do it until high school but I secretly have super strong opinions about homeschool and plan to do it all the way through age 18 with each child, unless something crazy and unforeseen happens to make that a problem. 

I know what you’re thinking. Sarabell, you can barely freaking count

First of all, rude and extremely exaggerated. I am excellent at math up to like the sixth grade level, and then I get by with a little help from my friends.

Second, ha! I learned all that no math in public schools, who then went on to graduate me, thank you very much!

Second, Ryan also happens to be super into homeschooling, plus an awesome teacher, plus awesome at and a huge fan of math. So. Boom. Schooled. 

Fourth (that second second was a joke about my math skills, just so we’re clear), I found a couple different series of math fiction so I am pretty sure I will finally be able to do math by the time I’m done homeschooling. Words and stories are my math language, maybe?

But I digress. We’re already doing homeschool preschool and we have a nine-month-old right now so even if we stop at three children, I’ll still theoretically be homeschool for 18 more years. I’d really like a little nook or alcove to house our homeschool stuff, and to create a designated space for certain projects. In general though, I like the idea of homeschool taking place all over the house and mostly in the backyard. This little area would ideally have built-in-bookshelves along two walls. On the back wall we’d have a desk for a computer, with that wall serving as a great space for maps and such. Tables in the middle of the room. Big picture window so we can see snow falling on the trees while we sip hot chocolate and learn history or science.

We’d also really like a nice, big porch. I have trouble with too much sun but I love to be outside so I am all over this idea. I also love the idea of being able to sit out on the porch to do homeschool lessons… “Finish this up and then you can play for 20 minutes.” =]

This last one might seem silly but it’s a really big deal to me, something I’ve been talking about for years.

I want a big, empty barn

I want a space that will allow us to be a little more involved in our kids’ teenage years because I want to be able to easily host their youth group functions and because I want to host a barn dance a few times a year. A barn dance! So fun! 

I’ll save up money all year long for hiring a DJ and caterer for these suckers. They’ll be legit. My husband will complain a lot because he won’t want people at our house and he won’t want to spend the money… but I’ll beg and plead and convince, he’ll concede, and then he’ll be laughing while he spins me around on the dance floor and watches our children dancing around with their friends when he leans in to whisper, “You were right. This is actually pretty fun.”

This same thing will happen every time for like 20 years because that is just the way Ryan rolls.

And now, because everyone is different and I find that super interesting, what is your dream house like? Big or small? What color? Is it in the mountains? Near the beach? In the heart of an exciting downtown area? Is it a sprawling ranch or a small apartment above a bookstore where the smell of fresh coffee greets you every morning? Does it have an art studio or library or game room? 

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