Sunday, February 12, 2017

Favorite Color

I recently took Baby B out on a mother-daughter date. I told her at the end that it was time to head home to make dinner.

“Yeah,” she said. “And see Daddy!”

I am used to being chopped liver so I didn’t even bat an eye. I buckled her into her car seat and she seriously informed me, “Daddy me favorite color.”


Yesterday she pointed at Baby C and told me that her baby sister is “me favorite color.”

My heart was almost as melty as could be but then A looked at her and said, “You’re my favorite color… I love my family!”

We aren’t going to get everything right. Sometimes Ryan and I will be too harsh doling out a punishment. Sometimes we won’t take the time to listen like we should or we’ll use words that we’ll really wish we hadn’t. Sometimes my kids will argue over petty things or take each other’s toys. Maybe they’ll be like my horrible, evil little brother who sold all of my books and CDs to the used bookstore and spit in my mac & cheese.

But at the end of the day, in spite of all our shortcomings and imperfections, I hope we raise the kind of family who always feels like we’re each other’s favorite colors.  

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