Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I Spy

I have in my possession a magic bag.

A purse.

When lines get long or waiting rooms are without toys or Mom and Dad need to talk to somebody about something important, out comes the magic.

I reach in and pull out a toy we’d all forgotten was in there. A ziplock bag with two small puzzles (Super Why! and Mickey!) inside. A couple of the mini board books my mother-in-law sends us after a Chick-Fil-A visit. A random sticky note pad with a pen, the most coveted writing tool they basically never get to use. Smashed Larabar.

Sometimes, like when we were dealing with something important yesterday, the magic runs dry.
They can only read the five-page books so many times. The puzzles, which are a respective six and nine-piece, get old fast. Even the pen starts to lose its charm.

Ryan and I were talking with someone about something important (sorry if I’m getting too descriptive) and couldn’t really stop to entertain the kids who were clearly getting antsy. I started to feel a little hot, itchy, sweaty.

Here it comes, I thought.

I was awaiting a tantrum, a meltdown, or maybe her office being turned into horrific carnage.

Instead I heard, “I spy with my little eyes something that’s round and blue.”

We kept working and then I eventually heard, “I schpy, my lil, ice, schumfink blue.”
(It was an orange) 
and then, “No, no, no, that’s orange! But that’s a good try!”

It’s so incredibly strange. We brought our newborn home to her 21-month-old brother and smiled in delight every time he paid her enough attention to hold up a red crayon and tell her, “RED!”

Now, after just a few blinks, here we are. They dress up in superhero or knight clothes and act out a story together. They make their animals talk to each other. They play I Spy.

Mamas with tiny babes: You’ll get here too! Some days it’s easy to soak up their babyness and some days, I know, you wonder if you’ll ever have a life outside of diapers-and-snacks again. You will. You’ll get here too.

And even though you’ll love this? Just like all the grandmas in your life tell you… you’ll miss that.

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