Friday, February 3, 2017


Do you know what every girl needs? A Steffani. A Steffani, not my Steffani, because I quite frankly don’t want to share.

Steffanis give you a giant bag of yarn when you learn to knit. Steffanis share all their best gluten free recipes and favorite book recommendations.

Steffanis send the best care packages, make the best handmade gifts, introduce you to all the best blogs.

My Steffani is the best “listener” when I just have to text someone an emotional rant. She is the first to fill me in on Duggar news updates and she is always willing to look up the deaths on The Walking Dead for me, so I don’t have to live in fear and anxiety before we start each season.

My Steffani validates my feelings, encourages me to better myself, and spends most of her money on organic vegetables, just like me.

Together we have experienced pregnancies, breastfeeding, family drama, hand-foot-mouth disease, business ventures, frustrating illness, Justin’s switching from gluten free to whole wheat pretzels, moving, postpartum depression.

Together we have experienced motherhood in its most beautiful and most frustrating moments.

Steffani has brought a million good things to my life. Essential oils, infinity scarves, baked eggplant dipped in marinara, Instagram, chai rooibos, and the best belly butter my baby-stretched body had ever known—just to name a few.

She has given me motherhood affirmation, solidarity, and respect even when her opinion differs from mine.

I never had a sister, but I feel like I got the next best thing when I got Steffani

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