Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tot Travels: We're Back!

Oh, yes.

We’re back.

What I actually want to say is WE’RE BACK, SUCKERSSSSSS!

But I aim to not annoy any more than I do on autopilot so. We’re back.

Once upon a time we had a dream. So we sold almost everything we owned, moved into a 1973 Winnebago Brave, saved a crazy amount of money, and traveled. We saw New Mexico, Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin and a bunch of different places we’d never explored in our homestate of Arizona. Then we upgraded to a larger travel trailer and we took off on a whirlwind adventure. Wyoming! Colorado! Montana! South Dakota! Idaho! Utah! Plus a quick flight to Texas. 

We had a baby, who spent his first night in a hotel on his one-month birthday, and we smiled and said, while heaving a rocking baby sleeper and a nursing pillow into the compartment behind our truck’s seats, “Why are people so weird about traveling with kids? It’s really not any harder!”

We took that baby on camping trips and road trips and later, airplane trips. He rode in a wrap or structured carrier, or he rode in a stroller, and he saw the country while we did. His toes were dipped into a creek running along a hiking trail and dug into the sand of a sandy lake beach. I tucked him in for a nap on top of my sleeping bag and watched autumn leaves fall onto the top of the canvas tent we’d purchased with our future family in mind. I nursed him on airplanes and let him loose to play in new-to-us children’s libraries. He napped in the stroller while Ryan and I enjoyed coffee shop “dates” and he got older and pointed and babbled when he saw something interesting from his stroller vantage point on a walk through downtown streets we’d never before explored.

We moved, and moved again, and moved again. We found local adventure to be just as thrilling since it was all new, all the time. But eventually, as was bound to happen, we ran out of money. We had another baby (and then another, 15 months later!) and lost steam. It was pregnancy hormones or a new baby or a lack of money. It was a baby who wouldn’t even stop crying for a ten-minute drive to the grocery store or a boss that didn’t like someone taking off more than three days at once. It was a not-as-reliable-as-it-used-to-be vehicle or a chronic health problem. When it wasn’t one of those, it was something else.

We still took adventures every few weeks. That’s in our blood. We can’t not adventure.

We did “travel” a few times, but for most part, our adventures were in towns 1-3 hours away.

But now?

We’re back.

We have a big adventure on our radar and we are going crazy with anticipation. Even the kids are losing their minds a little.

This is gonna be good.

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