Friday, February 24, 2017

Worth it.

Sometimes in life, things hurt. Or they’re really hard. Or they don’t make sense.

Sometimes it gets nearly impossible to feel God inside a situation that feels so not good.

But then we get these moments of affirmation and it’s like a lightbulb goes on for me and I think, Oh, right. Your plans are to prosper me, not harm me. I remember now.

 The thing is, it all lead to today.

Every hurt. Every muffled scream into a pillow because I just couldn’t hold that teenage angst in anymore. Every red-cheeked burn of shame and regret. Every angry word scrawled across a page, every salty tear dripping down my face. They all lead to this moment right here.

This moment, watching the husband I love jump around in the Batman suit we found at the thrift store while our big kids wear their own superhero costumes and the baby cuddles in my lap, teething and more snuggly than usual.

None of that matters anymore. Some old hurts still sting and some don’t even feel like anything… but even the ones that sting are worth it. If this moment is my reward, it was all worth it. 

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