Friday, March 24, 2017

7 Quick Takes

I always see these on Camp Patton on Fridays so I'm doing one too today =]

1. Remember I told you I ordered an Alaskan Bush People DVD from Australia, which my brother then said might not work? Well, it came. And it works. We're sick and falling asleep early so we're still working on it but so far it's been great. =D

2. I'm currently waiting for Nightingale to come in off the Kindle holds list through my library. Has anybody else read it yet? It sounds so, so good!

3. Gluten free goons: Starbucks is about to start offering a canadian bacon + egg breakfast sandwich which they engineered in a heatable package so they can receieve it and heat without risk of cross contamination. I h8 Canadian bacon but my husband is stoked. Also, it turns out Olive Garden's zuppa toscana is GF now! I got some the other day and was delighted. But then I realized I like mine just as much (more?) and it's way cheaper. Sorry, OG. You would have totally had me like three years ago.

4. Lately I've been so overwhelmed by the realization of how little control we have over so many scary situations our babies might eventually be involved in. Gosh. I get teary-eyed thinking about it and I'm sure you'll be hearing lots more about it since writing is the easiest way for me to actually process things.

5. Book I am hoping to get my hands on soon: The Lucky Few. I'm sure I'll be number 234395 through the library but it's worth trying!

6. Yesterday my kids were fighting over one of their chairs so I threw it in the kitchen trashcan. I was immediately like, "What did I just do?!" so I let it sit there all day because I am stubborn and then I sat them down (on the floor because only one chair!) and said, "Listen. I am the mom so I make the rules. I have decided to keep the chair... but you better NEVER fight about it again."
Any ways, looking for title suggestions for my upcoming book on expert parenting.

7. My sweet friend and marketing director made some awesome teasers for the new book... aren't you so interested now? =D

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