Tuesday, March 14, 2017


It feels like we’ve been sick for months. I just told a friend the other day, “I feel like we’ve been sick since November, with the occasional week-long reprieve.”

Surely that can’t be right… but it really does feel that way!

Every time we’ve all started to feel better, somebody ends up sniffling or coughing or throwing up or, you know, worse. (Actually, I technically think throw up is the very worst thing to deal with. Ryan doesn’t mind cleaning up vomit but man, Old Man Ryan hates poop)

We aren’t playing outside as much as we like, we aren’t going out on outings as much as they like (which is nice for me because loading three kids into car seats only to unload them a few minutes later and then do it all over again to head home feels like so much more work than it really should) and we’re just lounging around at home, recovering. All the dang time.

For the most part, it’s business as usual. We’re doing chores and homeschool preschool, playing LEGOs and cars and animals and dolls, coloring… the usual.

But some days, when they’re especially pitiful, we like to read whatever fun “sick books” we have from the library. Here are the ones we’ve most enjoyed over the past few months…

Also, Sick, a poem from Where the SidewalkEnds

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