Monday, March 20, 2017

Sunday Sick Day

The kids have been sick all dang winter! They are finally better (hooray!) but now the hubby and I were sick this weekend. Even still, it wound up being a really fun weekend!

1- We tried a new-to-us treat, a gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream sandwich (I would say it was good but not worth the price) and a new-to-us Christian movie, Heaven Bound (releases 3/27). The premise is a home-robbery gone awry because the man being robbed is determined to hold his would-be robbers captive until they become Christians. There were a few things in the movie that made me feel like it's for older kids, probably more like pre-teens or teenagers, if you're going to watch it with kids... but just for Ryan and I, it was definitely pretty funny and cute. I got a free DVD in exchange for this review but the opinion is my own. Watch the trailer here

Put on Speakerphone and my mom read them Tawny Scrawny Lion while I put away groceries and worked on dinner. So stinking cute! She’ll read a little and then say “Okay, now turn the page!” and my three-year-old just follows along so happily while the two-year-old runs around and then hops back up to read with them again =] 

3-Husband took A on their father-son date and B fell asleep on the couch so I let C nap on my chest while I relaxed with a good book (Cold Tangerines). So nice, so very needed!

4, 5, 6- Park day, after quite a few months of all the parks being completely burried in snow! We mostly just stood around and watched the kids play today but we both agreed that seeing the joy on their faces made it so worth going out, even feeling like complete garbage. I told Ryan, "Okay. the snow's (basically) gone. We have got to start getting these babies outside every day again." It feels so crazy to think we haven't been out very much in the past three months when we're normally out every single day!

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