Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Year of the Telephone…

This year we didn’t even think twice about the 2016 Christmas tree ornament we’d be getting. Woody. Hands down.
2016 was The Year of Woody.
We watched Toy Story movies and read Toy Story books. We spent more money on a Woody costume on the night before Halloween than we’d really like to admit.
We heard “Maybe I’ll get a toy Woody for Christmas! Or maybe I won’t, but I’ll still love you and be your little boy if I don’t. But if I do get a toy Woody I’ll be so happy!” a good 7,000 times.
We used Toy Story wrapping paper to wrap up Toy Story-themed bath toys. We put a Toy Story songs & story CD inside his stocking and held our breath with anticipation when we all walked over to our stockings on Christmas morning and he whispered, “Wow! It’s my Toy Woody!”

I’m pretty sure the 2017 ornament should be a telephone.

When I’m looking for something in particular, I make a call. I call every thrift store in town to double-check because WHY would I want to drive all the way over there just to see in person that they don’t have something? Ready all three children, find shoes, take them back off, change that diaper or take that kid potty even though we justtttt did this song & dance, ready all three children again, load all three children into car seats, run back inside to grab whatever we inevitably forgot, drive, unload three children, see that they don’t have thing, re-load all three children into seats, drive home, unload three children. Do you see what I mean? Nah.

We very rarely go out to eat because Celiac Disease, and the one and only fully GF restaurant in town is just kind of meh. But when we do? We call it in while we’re driving over. And usually, we just bring it home.

I feel like I am constantly making phone calls.
I’m calling the insurance company to find out why they denied coverage for one of my kids’ appointments.
I’m calling the pediatrician’s nurses line.
I’m calling Poison Control.
I’m calling to move this appointment so it falls on the same day as that appointment.
I’m calling to schedule a different appointment.
I’m calling the pharmacy because I’m not unloading everybody from their carseats unless the prescription is actually ready.
I’m calling to reschedule my dental cleaning. Again.
I’m calling Ryan at work to say “Everybody is fine, first of all. I don’t want to freak you out. But we’re heading to the urgent care because…”
I’m calling the library to see if our holds are ready to be picked up… and to request a few more.
I’m calling for directions to our playdate’s house.
I’m calling to see how much tickets cost for the three-and-under crowd.
I’m calling my mom to say “Is this normal?!” or “How do I…” or “What would you have done if…”

2017: The Year of the Telephone.

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