Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning

Tuesday night was especially crazy so I took the liberty of writing it all out for you. I know. I KNOW. You’re welcome.

6:58pm- Kids finally finished eating dinner. It is now bedtime. Ryan takes one child in to shower with him while I get the other two changed into pajamas.

7:15- I get third child into pajamas.

7:30- I administer eye cream on one kid’s lower eyelid, which freaks us both out. Give another kid cough syrup and apply Organic Breathe Easy to chest.

8pm- I give a shower to the freshly showered child because vomit. Child cries and repeatedly apologizes, though we’ve obviously never expected that, which makes me feel super sad and give a mini lecture on how we will always love our babies no matter what and, any ways, this was an accident!

8:15- Reapply Organic Breathe Easy. Brush teeth.

8:30- Two bedtime books, even though they should ideally already be asleep!!! (The Knight Who Took All Day, such a great knight-and-dragon book about a princess saving the day!, and At the Edge of the Woods)

8:40- Prayers… super sweet prayers that make me tear up.

10:15p- Ryan and I finish season three of Parenthood, me with baby lying on my chest since she’s not sleeping very well tonight. I’ve already seen it but it’s been a while so I cry a lot. Start to fall asleep.

Random times in the night… one child cries because eye is bothersome. Baby is teething and keeps falling asleep nursing and then waking up shouting at me when I delatch her. One child wakes up crying because nasty cough. One child wakes me up making retching sounds, promises doesn’t feel like throwing up. One child cries out in a nightmare. Baby insists on nursing again.

1:42am Feel like I should just get up for the day, am completely shocked to discover it isn’t even 2am.

3:40am Child coughs so hard they are gagging and retching, I am proactive and waiting for the puke to come, which I shall catch in a bucket. Puke never comes.

4:48am Baby shrieking at the top of her lungs. Take her out to living room where I rock her. Stays asleep only when upright on my chest.

5:32am Get back in bed because eyes will not stay open any longer. Sweetly tell Husband, “I’m sorry, but you have to get up. I can’t deal with your stupid alarm clock this morning. I have slept for, like, two total hours.” (he sets his alarm clock for 4:30 or 5am every day and snoozes until 6:20, then leaves the house at 6:40 to get to work. It is the worst on a great day. It’s only tolerable because I usually sleep through it)

7:42am Kids have miraculously let me sleep until now. Wake up to all three of them sitting up in my bed, staring at me in silence… and then, “Good morning, Mama! You’re awake! We missed you!”


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