Thursday, March 2, 2017

Twice in One Day?!

Yesterday the kids and I were walking out of a building and a woman was backing her truck out of a parking spot and staring at us.

This is not uncommon. My kids all have bright blonde hair and we get comments everywhere we go so, even though I hate-hate-hate it, I’m pretty used to people staring at us.

But this woman stared a little too long because she backed her truck right into the big concrete base at the bottom of a light pole. She was going slow enough that she, her truck, and the pole were all totally fine. But still.

A few hours later we were doing a little stroller walk and a guy was staring intently at us while pulling up to a building. He kept looking. Kept looking. Kept pulling forward. He smacked right into one of those concrete poles you sometimes see and dented his bumper a little.

Both true stories, I swear! Twice in one day. Twice in one day?!

I am going to make myself a t-shirt to wear every time I am out-and-about. 

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