Thursday, May 4, 2017

Links to battle your Thursday morning blahs

A Sparrows Rising song to boost your mood!

Currently reading: The Nightingale and Born Survivors. Books on my radar for the future: The Zookeeper’s Wife // The Orphan's Tale // All the Pretty Things // Pig in the Pantry // Small Great Things (I started an audio version of this and was really into it, but it was so hard to deal with an audiobook while mom-ing so I went ahead and returned it and am begrudgingly waiting my turn for the Kindle version through my library)

After we ate at a paleo restaurant in Portland I got curious about how many other paleo restaurants there are out there. I am interested in Blooming Beets in Boulder, Colorado on our next trip out that way. 

A friend gave me two pairs of Lularoe leggings with colors/patterns she didn’t love and I also got a free pair for attending an open house. I really like them and I found this cute post the other day on styling them. 

We are just over a month from Blessed by Birth’s release date! You can watch the trailer here and add it to your Goodreads list here… and please, share with your friends! =] 
A portion of the proceeds from every single copy sold will go to BEMM, Because Every Mother Matters. Check out their site here.

We have the kids sharing a room for now so I can use the third bedroom for a homeschool space if I want to, but I’m not actually sure anymore if that’s what I want to do! I wanted a homeschool room for so long but now I’m starting to like the idea of homeschool taking place around the house so chores are more easily worked into the nooks and crannies between lessons. I’m still undecided but I’ll probably always love checking out other people’s homeschool spaces or classrooms =] 

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