Saturday, May 20, 2017

Pregnancy 4, week 12

I’ve been enjoying That Mama Gretchen’s pregnancy updates for a long time now. I copied over her questions, plus added a few of my own, which I’ll probably update every few weeks. Maybe.

How far along: 12 weeks

Gender predictions: Ryan and I both say girl, though I have thought twice that maybe this baby could be a boy. A says boy and B says girl. Actually she says durl, which is obviously adorable.

Fitness: Daily walks, occasional bursts of energy leading to recumbent bike book devouring, and one exercise DVD session this week!

Sleep: Ugh. I tend to wake up for two hours every morning at 3:30. My body is restless but my eyes are tired so I just lie there feeling sorry for myself and willing myself to sleep, then eventually wake up and it’s 6:30!

Best moment this week: Getting a little time to myself so lying down with my feet up, playing Lullaby by Sparrows Rising, closing my eyes, putting my hands on my belly, and picturing myself holding this sweet baby <3

Worst moment this week: We’ve been sick all week so that was hard, but nothing rough and pregnancy-related this week.

Miss anything: Just feeling normal/energetic. The house is a wreck and I look at it in dismay but still have to sit down before tackling anything. I’m starting to feel a lot better though, praise Jesus!

Movement: Yes! I have enjoyed two very light quickening episodes this week <3

Cravings: Nothing really.

Aversions: Most things. Mostly, I can’t find something I like consistently. Something that tasted good one day sounds/tastes disgusting the next. Pizza is one that sounds pretty consistently disgusting, which was also the case with Baby C so… girl?!

Queasy or sick: Still queasy, but it’s let up quite a bit this week!

Looking forward to: Feeling more movement, hearing the heartbeat at my next appointment

What A thinks: “I fink it’s a boy. And I fink a girl too. I really want a boy. I just want a boy.”

What B thinks: “Mmm-hmmm.”

What C thinks: n/a

Books, movies, etc I’ve enjoyed this week: Your Pregnancy Devotional (borrowing this one for free from the Kindle library!) // Your Pregnancy Week by Week // Praying through Your Pregnancy // The Birth Hour Podcast // The Very Hungry Pregnant Lady 

Miscellaneous: A is a really serious prayer warrior, one of my favorite of his many beautiful qualities. He has been praying these beautiful prayers since he wasn't even three yet, but now they're more articulate. Two of my favorite bits from this week- "Please help our new baby grow. It's just kinda really hard to wait, God." "Please, please help this baby become a boy." =D  // This shirt, oh man. It's not exactly tunic-length on me but I still love it, and definitely will post-pregnancy too. I'm tempted to get the dress version too. If they come out with the shirt in navy I'll be all over that. // 

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