Monday, May 22, 2017

Tot Travels: Portland, Oregon

I had a crazy food poisoning experience on our first night in Portland and wound up bleeding by the end of it. We thought I was having a miscarriage and didn’t know what else to do so I ended up in the ER. They found a heartbeat and the bleeding stopped the next day so all was well, but I still spent the rest of the trip worried sick and feeling really crummy so this trip was nothing like we’d expected or planned. We hope to go back someday and experience more of it, but for now…

Portland favorites
-We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express downtown since we’d planned to walk downtown a lot. It was a really great hotel, and the breakfast bar even had GF bagels and muffins! Also Jimmy Dean cheese omelets which are GF =]
-We don’t usually go out to eat because of cross contamination for my Celiacs, but Portland had some 100% gluten free options! We ate at Ground Breakers. (Ryan had a burger and tried (and really liked) their Olallie beer, the girls had veggie mac & cheese, and A had a grilled cheese sandwich. I was still feeling really sick so I just ordered apple chips and ate a few bites of A’s grilled cheese.

-The Oregon Zoo! The kids really loved it, and therefore Ryan and I loved it. They also loved playing in the big train across the street. 

-Cultured Caveman, a paleo restaurant that was also 100% gluten free. I got the zoodles + meatballs and tomato soup, Ryan got the chicken tenders, and the kids each got a build-your-own almond butter and “jelly” wrap plate. 

-Downtown Portland… again, we would have liked to have actually walked it. Just didn’t work out! I got a souvenir (Goodnight, Oregon) in Powell’s City of Books before walking over to Whole Foods, then I felt horribly sick and fell sleep in the comfy hotel bed in the middle of the day.

Roadschool books we enjoyed before/during this trip: The United States of America: a state-by-state guide // Are We There Yet? // Are We There Yet, Daddy? // Bon Voyage, Lucy // Olivia Takes a Trip // Goodnight, Oregon

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