Friday, June 16, 2017

Counting my blessings

I read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts and became determined to come up with 1,000 blessings of my own each year. That’s only 3ish blessings per day if you really keep up with it, definitely very doable. That doesn’t stop me from being wildly behind for 2017 so far but it really does keep me grounded and grateful for my life so I’m still trucking and I still highly, highly recommend that you do it yourself. If nothing else, it’s a great way to bullet journal or keep a one-line-a-day journal so you can someday look back and short snippets highlighting the happiest parts of your life. 100 of my most recent…

Little super hero taking himself very seriously.

After a man broke into my grandparents’ house in the middle of the night, carrying a knife and a baseball bat, a concerned A had all kinds of questions that made me think he was picturing a colorful spandex-clad bad guy with an evil pet bat. “What color was the bad guy?” “What was his name?” “What was his bat’s name?” “Well no bad guys came to our house last night so that’s good.”

My grandparents’ safety through that very scary ordeal! Mother’s day! Waking up to a sweet snuggle and a “Happy Mother’s Day!” A singing me an original mother’s day tune… “Mommy was a little girl, wrapped up in a blanket! E-i-e-i-o! Her mom and dad loved him! E-i-e-i-o!” Flowers, chocolates, and the sweetest cards Adventure in the next town over! Announcing Baby Bell IV! Comfortable shoes.

A dressed as a pirate by turning his cowboy hate sideways. B in a tutu shouting “I a PRINCESS pirate!” A introducing himself to his new playdate friend over a full hour after playing together. My morning devotional speaking to my soul. Rain! Sweet girls insisting on matching sweaters. Coloring with my big kids while the baby naps.

Tiny baby feet barely poking over our kitchen table's bench. Reading to my babies. A mini hike with my monkeys. Breastfeeding comfortably again now that the first trimester is ending. C’s deep excitement for Daddy coming home from work. All three babies huddled together and looking at books. Bedtime snuggles. A gorgeous mountain view.

“Breppast” instead of “breakfast.” Kids trying their new water table and LOVING it! Feeling great after a good workout. B’s hair getting curlier and curlier as summer comes. Writing a pirate story with A. A few chapters of Beauty and the Beast with my sweet babes. Free homeschool books from the thrift store! A new-to-me prenatal exercise DVD. C bringing me her favorite book.

B calling herself “once excited durl!” instead of girl. The big, bright smile C gets when she plays with her xylophone. Living room dance parties. The ability and means to put together healthy meals and snacks for my family. C folding her hands for prayer. “Amblience” instead of “aliens.” Comfy pajamas. C playing peek-a-boo in the curtains. B coloring a rainbow on her belly with markers :0

Reading in the backyard. Gorgeous purple flowers in my front window. Cold glass of water. A following up my reading a Winnie the Pooh book with “Well that was a very good book.” Alone time! Getting all three kids to bed just a hair after on-time, then curling up to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls and ignoring the laundry.

Fuzzy posters. Salad bar with all my favorite fixin’s. Chai tea. The smiles on all three of our babies’ faces at the Seattle aquarium. Seat otters. Gluten free mozzarella sticks! My sweet boy saying “amn’t” instead of “aren’t.” Blessed by Birth showing up on the Nook listings. B “reading” to us… “He said, um ‘How you doin,’ buddy?’ an’ he said, ‘iss time to go!’”

Mint + chocolate. Goofy Mr. Potato Head creations for hours. Bookworm babies. C’s cute uneven smile—four teeth on top, three on bottom. Video postcards from cousins and my kids’ excitement over them. Baby kicks fluttering in my belly. Love You Forever. B climbing into my lap and singing me the Love You Forever song. A re-telling his baby sisters the story of Humpty Dumpty. The kids singing the Fruit of the Spirit song.

Waking up squished and uncomfortable with all five of us in one bed. Spending half a cloudy afternoon in the backyard with my babies… playing basketball with A and soccer with B, and smiling at C’s smile when I help her down the slide. One-on-one dates with my sweet children. Packing my husband’s lunch. A cautiously slinking into my room with his pillow hugged to his chest and a question in his eyes… still so in love with us he wants nothing more than to be near us at night.

Puzzles in the kitchen floor. Family stroller walks. A and B jumping in puddles in their rainboots. The perfect age gaps for our family. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. The way B says A’s name. A soft, comfortable t-shirt. Planning my day quietly while my little snuggles with me. Playing the bead coaster with my baby. Our sweet morning ritual… reading a toddler devotional and praying for our day while my babies eat their breakfast. A few minutes spent chatting with a sweet friend. Library summer reading programs. A little time with my fella on his lunchbreak. Making father’s day plans with my kiddos. Adorable daddy interviews for my husband’s card. A dressed as a cowboy, B dressed as a superhero, and C with a bandana on her head because hates to be left out.

Orchids on my kitchen counter. A big pot of broccoli-potato soup. Watching ripples in the puddles on my back patio. Family dinners at the table every night. A’s cute, toothy smile. C in my favorite old romper of B’s, sitting on their tipped-over toybox. Our sweet bedtime book routine. Tucking my babies into warm, safe beds. Hugs, kisses, and bedtime prayers. Nights spent hanging out with my husband. A job that lets him work a day shift!

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