Saturday, June 10, 2017

Pregnancy 4, Week 15

How far along: 15 weeks

Gender predictions: Girl! Ryan and B both say girl too, but A says boy. I’m actually kind of terrified of his reaction if this baby is another girl. If it’s a girl, I told Ryan he has to break the news away from her so she doesn’t hear his disappointment.

Fitness: Walked all over the Seattle area! =D

Best moment this week: I was driving to Seattle and all three kids were napping so the car was quiet and I was able to really focus on the tiny little kicks I was feeling for a good two hours of the drive. (And also driving, of course)

Worst moment this week: This morning, actually... though I guess today I'm technically 16 weeks. Any ways, I woke up and was PREGNANT as opposed to pregnant. Suddenly my little belly feels about twice as heavy and bending down (which I do pretty dang often with three little monkeys running around) is a smidge miserable.

Miss anything: No… but C started to screeeeeam on the last 30-ish minute leg of our drive home and it made me quite aware of how we had once again JUST gotten to a point where things were feeling “easy” again. But I’m still happy and excited so it’s weird to try to explain

Movement: I’m sure it’s probably mostly a focus issue, but I’m feeling it every few days and in weird clusters. Nothing today, nothing today, nothing today, funny little fluttery kicks for two solid hours today, nothing, nothing…

Cravings: Garlic. Garlic bread, garlic spinach, garlic mushrooms, garlicky cream sauce on pasta or veggies, allllll the garlic.  Also, fudgecicles.

Aversions: Pizza, gross.

Queasy or sick: Only if I wait too long to eat or try cooking/eating pizza! (Much to A’s chagrin)

Looking forward to: Seeing baby’s profile in the big ultrasound when it’s time, looking for similarities between Baby 4 and his/her siblings’ ultrasound profiles

What A thinks: “If it's a boy, I'm going to name him Spiderboy... like me!"
What B thinks: “If a girl, I name her GIRL-MAN!"
What C thinks: n/a

Books, movies, etc I’ve enjoyed this week: Your Pregnancy Devotional // Your Pregnancy Week by Week // Praying through Your Pregnancy // free copies of back-issue Pregnancy & Newborn and Fit Pregnancy & Baby // Small Great Things (lots of birth stories inside) // The Midwife’s Apprentice

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