Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pregnancy 4, Week 17

Originally found and then modified via That Mama Gretchen

How far along: 17 weeks

Gender predictions: Girl? Ryan, B and I all still think girl. A told me the other day that he had a dream about our new baby and it was a girl. “Well, I still love her, but I just want her to be a boy instead.”

Fitness: Not much! I had a lot of sciatica issues this week, always a frustrating aspect of pregnancy.
Best moment this week: C kissing my belly, completely unprompted <3

Worst moment this week: Nothing really stands out, I guess besides a few sciatica frustrations.

Miss anything: Nah.

Movement: More and more each week! <3

Cravings: Garlic-anything

Aversions: Most of my normal, healthy eats sounded gross again this week =/

Queasy or sick: Nein

Looking forward to: Anatomy scan! We should get to schedule it in the next couple of weeks… and nope, still not finding out the gender! Ryan really wants to but I am not budging here. Last time my surprise was ruined because he found out and I want my surprise, dag nabbit!

What A thinks: “I think it’s a big boy.”

What B thinks: “Yeah, baby!”

What C thinks: <squeaks>

Miscellaneous: I am definitely very tired with three little ones under foot, but even still, I really think this has been my best and easiest pregnancy yet, at least so far. Hopefully it’ll get a little bit awful soon though, since they say an awful pregnancy makes for an easy baby and vice versa ;]

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