Thursday, July 13, 2017

5 Things I'm loving this week...

*originally found on Money Saving Mom 

1. The book House by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker. I’m trying to read more Christian fiction so I borrowed this one for the Kindle and oh my goodness, so good and so intense so far! I’m a really big fan of psychological thrillers and mysteries so this one has very much had my attention.

2. Writing observations. I tend to flow in and out of writing modes. I was in a major fiction mode for a bit there, but now I’ve switched gears to finish up a non-fiction Christmas project I have coming out in November. I “wrote” it last December and have been polishing it up, finishing up areas where I got busy and just made myself notes, etc., so it’s all on the computer. I mostly do my writing in cute composition notebooks and then type it all up after the fact so it’s been really crazy to see just how much of a difference it makes to write on the computer again. Even though I don’t have Internet, I do find that I get distracted more easily on the computer. I’ll open up some pictures, change songs again and again, weird stuff. But I also notice that my kids are so aware and unhappy when they see me working on the computer versus in a notebook! All three of them will be happily playing together and I’ll think, I could squeeze in a little writing right now. If I pull out a notebook, I usually get 10-20 minutes to write. If I pull out the laptop, I usually get 3-5 minutes. So interesting.

3. My dishwasher. I’ve finally, finally embraced the dishwasher. I always used to argue against it because “I have to get everything totally clean before I put it in, and then it’s already washed any ways!”
I mean, that is still kind of true. But there are lots of times it isn’t. I feel like it just never really made sense for us in the past but now that we’re five (and probably especially once we’re six!) it just makes sense. I’m just not keeping up with dishes and laundry these days. I told Ryan the other day that I feel like I either keep up with dishes, keep up with laundry, or do a shoddy job at both, but I just can’t seem to manage both in one day and still be present and active with my kids. So now I’m loading my dishwasher throughout the day and running it almost every night, thanks to a friend’s recommendation. Some days I wait and run it after I add the breakfast or lunch dishes but I was surprised to find that it’s totally full almost every night. I guess it does make sense.

4. This great rehearsal video from Ryan’s cousin’s band, Sparrows Rising. I really love the band and highly recommend them if you hadn’t noticed ;]  

5. Precious individuality. Some of my favorite things my kids are doing right now… A is cracking me up with these long, drawn-out stories that seem to only stop when we finally give up and say “I’m sorry to interrupt but I really need to go potty/help your sister/go to work now,” B is saying “everyguys” instead of everybody which makes Ryan and I smile at each other every time, and the other day B made a hammer with three LEGOs and brought it over to show me “Look, Mommy! I made a hammer!” so C made the exact same thing and ran over to hold it out to me and shout “HAM! HAM!”

What are YOU loving this week?

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