Friday, July 7, 2017

7 Quick Takes

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1. We’ve been watching the first season of Fixer Upper after I found it at the library. I know I’m very late to hop on the Chip-and-Joanna train but I really like them. They’re actually nice to each other, which you don’t usually see on TV, and I like the values they’re creating for their kids. I read their book this week too and now I like them even more!

2. You guys are always begging me to tell you what I dreamed about last night (ha) so today I shall. World’s most boring(ly accurate) dream… Ryan and I went to a White Elephant Christmas party. We suffered through a couple of hours of small talk for the White Elephant exchange, but Ryan was in the bathroom during his turn so they gave it to someone who had showed up late. We still stuck around until the end because my number was the second-to-last number. We waited through all that and my prize was a little bag with two half-used tubes of glitter inside. Blue and silver glitter, to be specific. 
White Elephant exchanges are truly the worst.

3. We read a lot around here. We don’t have cable or Internet and all five of us love books so it’s pretty frequent. We’re taking part in four different summer reading programs so I had to write down every single book we read in June which totaled out to over 150 different books. A few were short children’s chapter books and many were read more than once during the month. It was nuts to see it all written out!
Ten of our June favorites: My Wilderness: An Alaskan Adventure // Batmouse // Pirates Don’t Change Diapers // Bunny Slopes // Toy Story: Wild West // This is My Dollhouse // The Library’s Secret // Who Will Help Santa This Year? // The Grudge Keeper // Max’s Castle

4. My current reads: The People’s History of the US // Bittersweet //Only Love Today // alllll my many devotionals.

5. I’ve started making my list of things to organize in my brain before the baby comes. I want to hire a photographer to do some nice portraits which will also double as our Christmas card pictures this year, mostly because it’s getting harder and harder to get good ones of all of us using the timer. I also want to pick out some nice Christmas fabric so the new baby has a stocking on his or her first Christmas too, even if we don’t put anything inside.

6. Instead of a babymoon, this year we’ll be getting two nights in a hotel here in town. Ryan will spend the first night watching a football game (and probably eating pizza in bed) and I will spend the second night swimming, writing in the comfy quiet, probably eating something chocolate, and hopefully watching an episode of A Baby Story. In both cases the night will also be spent sleeping. Like, legitimately sleeping. For hours.
Also, I really hope we can swing a one-night-in-our-favorite-half-hour-away-town babymoon too.

7. I haven’t shared anything about Ayingeneye (our kids call her “Jen”) here in a pretty long time, mostly because I started to feel really stupid. I really felt like God was leading me to make this a community effort but that just didn’t happen and it made me feel embarrassed, confused, and dumb. I still don’t really know what that was. Maybe he was leading me there (which is why I’m writing about her again today!) and maybe he wasn’t at all and I was just confused by what I thought I was feeling. Either way, I do still love the idea of Ayingeneye’s sponsorship being more of a community sponsorship. For one thing, we would really like to go above and beyond the basic sponsorship costs and be able to send her family great gifts from time to time… but also, I feel like her story is a really sad one and I love the idea of helping her to feel truly loved and cared about by many different people. So today I’m asking again for donations to her sponsorship, and I’m also asking you to please say a quick prayer for Ayingeneye and her family, and then would you mind writing her a short note to let her know that you have? You can send it to my email, skbell36 (at) gmail (dot) com and I will pass it on to her ASAP. It usually takes about two months for her to get our mail, between translations and mail and the fact that she lives in a small village. <3
I’ll also start sharing her letters here again now.

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