Monday, July 31, 2017


For a long time, I dreaded bedtime.

It made me feel stressed out, frustrated, and angry.

I started to pray about it and change my heart and attitude towards it. Now, I love it.

I love this special, sacred family time together. Bedtime is the part of the day where we’re all home, together, with nowhere to be and no time constraints. We might have a date night in the works or individual projects we’re itching to get started on, but for the most part we haven’t a care in the world for this one brief moment.

We are all together, asking “What was your favorite part of the day?” and whispering sweet things into our children’s ears.

We read stories—last night was A’s turn to pick so we read The Gruffalo and two chapters of Mercy Watson Fights Crime—and we pray.

We pray for our family, for a good night of sleep and sweet dreams, for a happy day tomorrow. We pray for good health and safety, for ourselves and for the people we love.

Sometimes I sing.

We get their blankets just right and we give them the stuffed animals they love.

We snuggle them tight and cover them with kisses.

Some nights I walk out of that room with so much peace in my heart and so much awareness of just how much I’d be missing if I hadn’t softened my heart towards the bedtime routine.

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