Monday, August 7, 2017

Pregnancy 4, Week 23

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How far along: 23 weeks

Gender predictions: I had a moment this week when I felt so certain this baby is a boy, otherwise girl.

Fitness: Not much, mostly just my prenatal yoga DVD. I have been feeling sicker and sicker when I go outside in the sun/heat so it’s just not happening at all right now. No walks, no hikes, no swims, nothing.

Best moment this week: Some weeks these questions are easy to answer. Some weeks these questions feel so ridiculous. This week was basically fine, though I did get really emotional for a few days.

Worst moment this week: I had some pretty bad sciatica one night but the kids were already in bed so I just propped myself up weird on the couch to read with Ryan. Otherwise just the emotional stuff, random sadness and crying for no good reason and such. 

Miss anything: Cooler weather. This is the most pregnant I have ever been in the summer and I feel so awful for women who are in their third trimester in July and August, yikes.

Movement: LOTS!

Cravings: Strawberry milk for a few days and then I was over it. Still garlic. I had this idea the other day, Italian salads with garlicky marinara as the dressing. I haven’t made it yet because I avoid cold cuts during pregnancy but I do plan to try it in a few months!

Aversions: Nothing really.

Queasy or sick: I felt so sick on Sunday I still can’t believe I didn’t throw up! I guess I had a second moment of feeling confident this baby was a boy, right then, because I was sick throughout my whole pregnancy with A but not with either of the girls.

Looking forward to: again, cooler weather. =/

What A thinks: “Yer havin’ a boy.”

What B thinks: “Um, I fink it’s sweet.” <3

What C thinks: N/A

Books, movies, etc I’ve enjoyed this week: Your Pregnancy Devotional // Your Pregnancy Week by Week // Praying through Your Pregnancy //  Babies // Call the Midwife,season six!! // God Gave Us You

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