Sunday, September 10, 2017

Pregnancy 4, Week 28

Originally found and then modified via That Mama Gretchen

How far along: 28 weeks

Gender predictions: A, B, and several other family members say boy. Ryan and I still guess girl, as does Ryan’s dad and one of my sisters-in-law. We’re getting more and more excited to find out!! I opened up another of those fun baby poll things so click here to make some guesses at Baby D’s gender, size, birthday, etc. =]

Fitness: The weather is cooling off! Lots of walks this week, plus one of my prenatal workout DVDs. No more recumbent bike! My belly is officially too in the way for it to feel comfortable.

Best moment this week: Heartbeat at my last appointment =]

Worst moment this week: Nothing comes to mind.

Movement: SO MUCH, and it’s now to the point where it’s mostly painful. It’s both reassuring and awful at the same time.

Cravings: Salads or smoothies. Everything else just sounds/feels too heavy right now. I’ll make lasagna because it sounds amazing and then I’ll have a few bites and fill up on the side salad, or I’ll make a big pan of scrambled eggs and then have a few bites and make a smoothie instead. My body is over big meals right now.

Aversions: Cooked vegetables. I really don’t know why. A hearty, vegetable-laden soup is normally one of my favorites but right now and it would make it a lot easier to enjoy something light but that just sounds so disgusting right now. Definitely a first in my life. I’ve always been a soup girl.  

Queasy or sick: A little bit!

Looking forward to: Seeing baby’s face! <3

What A thinks: “I wanna call him Squeaker because babies make squeaks.”

What B thinks: “IT’S A BOY!”

What C thinks: ---

Books, movies, etc we’ve enjoyed this week: Your Pregnancy Devotional // Your Pregnancy Week by Week // Praying through Your Pregnancy //  Lullaby by Sparrows Rising… it’s just such a sweet, precious song <3 // This is Our Baby, Born Today

Freezer Cooking: It's time to start thinking about freezer cooking!!! This week I made my list: 
-Sausage breakfast bake x 2
-Turkey chili
-Meatloaf x 2
-Paleo waffles
-Sloppy joe mixture + paleo buns
-Taco meat
-Zuppa toscana x 3
-Paleo garlic rolls
-Stuffed mushroom balls (ball of stuffing to pop inside a mushroom cap and bake)
-Shepherd's Pie
-Crockpot chicken recipes in a bag to just be dumped right in
-Meatballs x 3
-Baked ziti using lentil noodles (we like them, but I also feel like they're a firm enough texture that they'll hold up really well in the freezer)
I also plan to buy a few convenience meals like an Udi's frozen lasagna and some Ian's fish sticks, a few pre-packaged soups to serve with grilled cheese, and on several of Ryan's days off he'll be making a big breakfast for dinner, which we usually turn into breakfast sandwiches for the week. 

I bought my Italian sausage this week so I hope to make my stuffed mushroom balls and my first batch of zuppa tonight! 

Miscellaneous: Last week I plucked one solitary, inch-long black hair out of my belly. I had to do the same thing when I was pregnant with A! But I’m like 90% certain I had it with one of the girls too so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

Also, I’m truly miserable if I try to go for a walk without wearing my maternity support band thing. I did “need” it with the first baby but now I seriously NEED it. 

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